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New Notary Questions

Q: How do I get activated as or become an e-notary?

A: Getting activated is easy if you're commissioned in a state that allows electronic notary or remote notary.  How do I become an e-notary

Q: How do I get started with this service?

A: To start, simply create a free account. After you create your free account and sign in, you will also need to fill out our notary application. How do I become an e-notary

Q: We have our own notaries... Can we use DocVerify for our notaries only?

A: Yes. DocVerify's e-Notary platform was designed to allow for individual notaries to create their own e-notary businesses or allow organizations to utilize their own notaries by enabling them to e-notarize documents.

Q: Does DocVerify's notary application also activate me with or apply me with my state as an e-notary?

A: NO. The DocVerify application is completely separate. It is the full responsibility of the notary to make sure they have met all the laws and requirements of their respective commissioned states.

Q: Why do I need to pay a setup fee and get activated as a notary?

A: Each new notary must go through an activation process as we must be certain the notary is who they say they are, and that they really are a notary.  Additionally the setup fee includes everything a notary will need to e-notarize documents that meets their respective state laws.

Q: When I fill out the application... Do I have to upgrade at that time?

A: If you're not currently on an active edition at the time you fill out and submit the notary application, you can continue to stay on the free account until you're ready to upgrade as you can upgrade a free account at a later time; however, the notary application may expire after one year if not upgraded by then.

Q: Can signers share the same email address?

A: NO. Each signer MUST have a unique email address in order to be able to sign as the sharing of email addresses is not permitted.  If they don't have one, it is highly recommended for them to set one up using services like GMail or Yahoo mail, which are free and easy to set up.

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Q: I want to learn more in general... Is there a place for me to learn more?

A: Yes.  This help section for notaries is full of useful information by simply clicking on the items to the left, but DocVerify also has a e-notary Community dedicated to answering more questions, a Notary Blog, and DocVerify Blog that is talks about electronic and remote notarizations in more depth.